Get ready your best creative work. Ed Ranks Awards 2023 will give you and your school the chance to compete against the best schools, universities and colleges in South East Asia.

• Single S$150 | Campaign S$200 | Craft and Others: S$200
• Early Bird Deadline: 30 June 2023 (20% Discount)
• Official Deadline: 30 July 2023


Ed Ranks is the definitive guide to the top-ranked schools, colleges and universities for creative education in South East Asia.

It exists because there is nothing quite like it.

How do we know if a school is creative? How do we know if its faculty is creative, and its students turn out creative? Do they get creative jobs? Do they succeed in the creative industry?

Ed Ranks is an attempt to quantify this, so we know how each and every school stack up against one another.

Objectively and statistically.

We’ve begun to rank schools in Malaysia and Singapore. More will follow.